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Explore Our Comprehensive Wiper Collection

Welcome to Springs Street, your ultimate destination for high-quality wipers. Our extensive collection includes everything from window wipers to innovative magnetic dual-sided window cleaners, silicone floor squeegees, and bath wipers. Whether you're tackling routine cleaning tasks or dealing with tough dirt and grime, our wipers are designed to provide exceptional performance and durability across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the entire UAE.

Discover the Variety in Our Wiper Collection

Window Wipers for Streak-Free Views

Our window wipers are crafted to leave your glass sparkling clean with every swipe. Featuring durable silicone blades, these wipers offer a streak-free finish on all your windows and mirrors, enhancing the clarity and appearance of your living space.

Magnetic Dual-Sided Window Cleaners

Clean both sides of your windows simultaneously with our magnetic dual-sided window cleaners. Perfect for high-rise apartments and hard-to-reach windows, these tools make window cleaning safer and more efficient, saving you both time and effort.

Silicone Floor Squeegees

Our silicone floor squeegees are essential for keeping your floors dry and clean. Ideal for use on tile, wood, and other hard surfaces, they efficiently push water and spills to the drain, reducing drying time and preventing water damage.

Special Features of Our Wiper Collection

Bath Wipers with Front Brush

Tackle bathroom cleaning with our bath wipers, which include a front brush for scrubbing. This dual-function tool allows you to scrape off soap scum and water stains easily, making your cleaning routine more effective.

Durable and Ergonomic Designs

Each product in our Wiper Collection is designed with ergonomics in mind. Lightweight yet sturdy, our wipers ensure ease of use and are built to withstand frequent use, providing long-lasting service in any home or commercial environment.

Shop Our Wiper Collection in the UAE

Are you ready to streamline your cleaning process? Browse our Wiper Collection online at Springs Street and discover the perfect tools for maintaining cleanliness in every corner of your home or office. Enjoy hassle-free shopping with secure online transactions and fast delivery across the UAE.

Don't compromise on cleanliness. Shop now and equip yourself with the best wipers on the market, only at Springs Street