The Ultimate Multifunctional Salad Spinner & Dryer

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SKU: YW125-JM-602 Barcode: 14542906

Simplify your kitchen tasks with the 5L Multifunctional Salad Spinner Dryer.

 This quick-dry and anti-sloshing manual kitchen dehydrator are designed for efficiently drying vegetables and fruits, providing a hassle-free way to achieve crisp and refreshing salads in no time.

Quick Dry & Anti-Sloshing Design

Experience rapid drying and anti-sloshing efficiency with our salad spinner, ensuring your vegetables and fruits are ready for the perfect salad in no time.

Multifunctional Kitchen Dehydrator

This multifunctional kitchen dehydrator is a versatile addition to your culinary tools, making salad preparation quick, easy, and enjoyable. With a generous 5L capacity, our salad spinner accommodates ample ingredients, making it ideal for preparing salads for family gatherings or everyday meals.


  • Type: 5L Multifunctional Salad Spinner Dryer.
  • Design: Quick Dry & Anti-Sloshing Manual Dehydrator.
  • Functionality: A multifunctional kitchen dehydrator.
  • Capacity: Large 5L capacity for efficient salad spinning and drying.

Efficient and Versatile Salad Preparation:

Our 5L Multifunctional Salad Spinner Dryer ensures efficient and versatile salad preparation, offering quick drying and anti-sloshing features for a delightful culinary experience.