Versatile Over-the-Sink Basket - Ideal for Sponges and Brushes with Ventilated Design and Snap-On Feature

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Optimize Kitchen Space with the Over-the-Sink Basket

Maximize your kitchen's efficiency with our innovative Over-the-Sink Basket, designed to keep your sponges, brushes, and cleaning essentials neatly organized and within reach. This space-saving solution fits snugly over your sink, providing a convenient spot for your cleaning tools while allowing excess water to drain away, keeping them dry and hygienic.

Smart Features for a Cleaner Kitchen

  • Ventilated Design: The hollow construction ensures proper airflow and drainage, preventing water buildup and promoting quicker drying of sponges and brushes.
  • Snap-On Installation: With its easy snap-on design, the basket is a breeze to install and disassemble for cleaning, requiring no tools or complex instructions.
  • Durable TPR Material: Made from elastic and non-deformable TPR, it resists wear and tear, maintaining its shape and functionality over time.
  • Adaptable Storage: Choose between single-layer or double-layer configurations to fit your storage needs, whether you have a few cleaning essentials or a collection of tools.


  • Material: High-quality known for its durability and flexibility
  • Design: Hollow for drainage, with a snap-on feature for easy attachment
  • Dimensions: Compact to fit over most sinks without taking up valuable counter space
  • Usability: Suitable for storing a variety of kitchen cleaning tools
  • Maintenance: Simple to clean—just detach, rinse, and reattach

This Over-the-Sink Basket is not just a storage accessory but a must-have for any kitchen, large or small. It's designed to enhance your kitchen's cleanliness and organization, making it an indispensable addition for home cooks and cleaning enthusiasts alike.