Sleek Plastic Hanger Set in Pastel Shades – Pack of 5

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Elevate Your Closet with Durable Plastic Hangers

The pack features five sturdy hangers, each made from premium-quality plastic that guarantees long-lasting use. Their slim design ensures that they occupy minimal space, giving you more room to expand your collection.

Space-Efficient Design for Maximum Organization

Maximize your closet space with our slim-profile Plastic Hangers. The smart design of these hangers allows for a neater, more organized closet, making them an essential for every household. Each hanger boasts a specially formulated anti-slip surface, which prevents clothes from slipping off and maintains the integrity of your garments.

Essential Details:

  • Material: Strong plastic
  • Set Includes: 5 hangers
  • Available Colors: Mint green, lilac, cream, blush pink

Size & Design:

  • Fit: Made for adult clothing
  • Shape: Slim for space-saving in closets
  • Feature: Non-slip surface to keep clothes in place

Usage & Sustainability:

  • Strength: Ideal for light to medium-weight clothes
  • Eco-friendly: Made with recyclable plastic
  • Cleaning: Easy to wipe clean

Available in Beautiful Pastel Colors

Brighten up your daily routine with our hangers that come in a variety of Pastel Colors. Choose from mint green, lilac, cream, and blush pink to personalize your space. These colors not only serve to categorize your clothing but also add a stylish flair to your wardrobe.

Perfect for All Types of Garments

Our Plastic Hangers are versatile and ideal for all types of garments. Whether you’re hanging shirts, blouses, dresses, or light jackets, these hangers are designed to support your clothes without causing damage or creases.